Top Beauty Buys to Be On the Lookout for in 2018, According to Beauty Pros

Every year, trends from the runway serve as a precursor to the types of clothing and footwear people are going to invest their money and time in in the following year. The same goes for beauty. But instead of runway shows, we look to top professionals—dermatologists, beauty editors, makeup artists and hairstylists—to give us a clue on which beauty products will catch our collective fancy and make it to our virtual shopping carts. If you’re curious to know what skin, hair and makeup products most people will be buying this year, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we give you a sneak peek into the top products beauty experts are keeping an eye out for in 2018.

Skin Care


1. Sunscreen in Various Forms

No matter what patient comes through her door, dermatologist Dr. Janet Prystowsky always offers the same token of healthy skin advice: use sunscreen. Every single day, no exceptions. But when you have problematic skin, you’ll need a sunscreen product you can easily weave into your routine. Lucky for us, SPF will come in a variety of formulas in 2018, from powder to primer to concealer to setting spray.

If you’re on the market for one, Dr. Prystowsky recommends this sunscreen from Dermablend. “Not only is it a great sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB radiation, but it also comes in a variety of colors for people of all skin tones. After procedures where my patients cannot have any light exposure—even the lights in their own home! I recommend Dermablend,” she says.



2. At-Home Facial Devices

Last year, celebrity makeup artist Billie Gene said cosmetic surgery for ideal skin skyrocketed, inspiring companies to bring the magic of facials to homes. Not only does it cut down on the cost, but it teaches people about the importance of positive skin care by revealing the results in real time, from the comfort of their couch. That’s why he believes DERMAFLASH—a product that removes dead skin cells, debris and peach fuzz and will “immediately leave your skin visibly smoother”— will be a big hit this year.


3. Probiotic-Infused Skin Care

Instead of concealing or healing imperfections, makeup artist Isabel Amezaga says 2018 will be about providing our skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy from the start. One way to ensure your pores are glowing and fresh, she says, is with a topical probiotic that doubles up on the moisture. “I am all about healthy skin; flawless makeup begins with beautiful skin,” she says. “I love this oil because it provides extra hydration and gives me a beautiful glow. Oils are absorbed quicker and provide quicker results.”


4. Stones and Crystals in Your Skin Care

As health and wellness take on a more spiritual route this year, celebrity hairstylist Daniel Koye predicts the same trend for beauty. This means we’ll be seeing more gemstones, crystals and other healing rocksincorporated into our beauty routine. And no, he doesn’t just mean this in terms of eyeshadow shades and tones. We’ll see this trend in our moisturizers, masks, eye creams, shampoos and even in our beauty devices. Case in point? The Jade Roller, an item we just couldn’t keep in stock since it launched on Dermstore last December!


5. Natural Sunscreens

As a no-brainer way to keep your skin safe from sun damage, sunscreen deserves a second spot in this list—but not just any sunscreen. According to experts, natural sun protectors—or sunscreen formulas that are mineral-based and free of chemicals and unnecessary ingredients—will go mainstream this year.

If you’re ready to switch your old favorite to a new one, Koye suggests going for “a vegan or natural sunscreen you can spray on and go.” He also suggests applying a generous amount 15 minutes before going out in the sun and reapplying after two hours.



6. Cream Eyeshadows

Step aside, ’80s-inspired eyeshadow, creams are here to stay, according to Stila’s Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry, Sarah Lucero. “Cream shadows with pearl pigments are so flattering on women because they create a dewy sheen that stays put on eyelids,” she says. “Look for earthy, russet, warmer shades for spring. You can create sultry eyes in seconds with Stila Shimmer & Glow. She should know, since she used it on many models during fashion week.


7. Liquid Blush

Though your mother or older sister might have taught you the ropes of grinning while you powder on blush to your cheekbones, in 2018 it’s time to try a new technique as liquid blush will soon become the go-to formula for rosy cheeks. Amezaga explains, “Liquid blush not only stays put longer but it has a dual use of also being appropriate for your lips.”

And it doesn’t stop there. According to her, makeup products infused with skin care benefits will also become a factor in the buying process, which is why she loves this liquid blush product from Perricone MD. She says, “I love the rosy tone of this mineral-based liquid blush that also has SPF and provides anti-aging benefits on my cheeks during the day.”


8. Glow Enhancers

With a renewed interest in the glossy look as opposed to matte, Amezaga predicts that highlighters, luminizers and other glow enhancers will continue to take center stage this year. The easiest way to achieve this? She suggests applying a bit of this highlighter from Becca just above your cheekbones. “This product looks gorgeous when the sun shines on it and makes my skin look sunkissed, like I’ve spent a beautiful day on the beach,” she explains.



9. Contour Palettes

While contouring has been a trend for several years now, makeup and hair artist Jules Annen says a new level of comfortability with bronzing and contouring means more women will seek a one-stop-shop solution to achieve flattering facial definition, like this palette from Kevyn Aucoin.

Because this palette features a bronzer, a contour and a setting powder, you can use them cohesively or on their own, depending on the occasion. “Healthy skin is always in. This palette is infused with light-diffusing pigments to enhance and illuminate the skin,” she says.

Try: The Neo-Trio Palette



10. Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatments

The messy-bun look might be #convenient, but stylist and founder of Maven Beverly Hills Danai Schulte says hair trends are leaning more toward the slick, hydrated and healthy-looking look in 2018. “Products with mega reparative properties meant as pre-shampoo or overnight treatments can double as styling products. They’re emollient enough to control frizz but not too heavy like an in-shower conditioner, which weighs down your hair,” she explains.


11. Products That Promote Scalp Health

While it’s the finished product of your hairstyle that you Instagram, Koye says many people will find it important to approach hair health with a wellness mindset. This means they’ll want to better understand how to make their locks more vibrant and lush, beginning at the roots. “Having a healthy scalp is the foundation to have amazing hair. This concept will transform the way people style their hair,” he predicts.

Schulte agrees, saying that there’s a renewed dedication to preventive hair care instead of treating issues as they arise. “More brands are looking at the root of the health and focusing on scalp health. Without a balanced scalp, the hair follicles are compromised and you’re not able to grow your best hair,” she explains.


12. Hair Products That Let You Shampoo Your Hair Less

Blame it on the upswing of boutique fitness classes or the emergence of  “sweat working” that blends together professional development and exercise, but head stylist at the Beauty Lounge Angela Sanchez  says people are washing their hair less and less. This means a quick fix for an oily hairdo, like this dry shampoo from Captain Blankenship, is becoming more needed in 2018.

“The Mermaid Dry Shampoo absorbs natural oils to eliminate greasy-looking hair. It also absorbs the scent of unwashed hair. With our society loving convenient services like Uber, it makes sense that in 2018 easy and efficient is it with dry shampoo as a beauty trend,” she explains.


13. Hair Gloss

As glossy, dewy skin is seen as healthy and youthful, it’s not surprising that experts predict glossy hair is going to be a trendy look this year. In fact, we’ve already started seeing this in the rise of new hair care and styling products that promise to leave your hair with that gorgeous sheen. But don’t just take any hair gloss. The best ones out there don’t just coat your hair with shine enhancers but also repair, protect and nourish lackluster strands.

For hair that shines no matter the weather, Amezagapredicts this serum as an emerging product in 2018. “It smooths, repairs and conditions the hair while being lightweight. I love that it also repairs my hair which has been exposed to lighteners. It’s an easy, great way to provide a healthy hair look,” she says.


14. Unconventional Frizz Fighters

When you imagine trending beauty products, a towel might not come to the forefront of your mind. It should, though, according to celebrity hairdresser Kendall Dorsey. Because multi-purpose continues to trend with the millennial generation, Dorsey says more and more people will turn away from cotton cloth for the luxe, beneficial waffle texture. “Microfiber towels that are designed to shine cars that are made of polyester and nylon which makes the cloth soft and smooth to touch. This towel is made from the same materials and has tiny holes that allow for fragile split ends not to be further damaged. The waffle technology performance will dry the hair without adding fizz to any type of hair but especially for curly hair or natural hair textures,” she says.