10 most exciting new technologies coming in 2018

As 2017 is winding down it’s time for a recap and… a look at what lies ahead in 2018.   A lot of things happened with phones in 2017, but probably the biggest advances were in the actual design of the phones with a lot of devices now featuring a very minimal bezel and a […]

The Coolest New Tech In 2018

The world of tech is always evolving, and each new year comes with all sorts of innovations and breakthroughs from some of the coolest and most prestigious companies in the world. This year is no different, and more information is starting to come out about some of the coolest gadgets releasing in 2018. All of […]

New Technology We’re Actually Excited About for 2018

Yes, 2017’s biggest tech story was probably about the ways in which social media forced us to rehash old culture wars and question who was guiding our political discourse. Rather than seeing technology facilitate greater communication, economic opportunity, and leisure, it seemed that it was exacerbating our differences, concentrating wealth, and threatening all livelihoods. But […]

Microsoft cierra la era de Bill Gates

Ya es oficial. En la mañana del martes en Seattle, Satya Nadella acaba de ser nombrado el tercer consejero delegado en la historia de Microsoft, relevando a Steve Ballmer, tal y como se adelantó el viernes. Será el encargado a partir de ahora de llevar la gestión de la tecnológica de Redmond. Aunque quizás el gesto […]

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